Why Do Spouses Cheat?

Why Do Spouses Cheat?

It is an unfortunate circumstance when a spouse cheats. A recent study shows that one in 2.7 men will cheat on their wives and the wives will never know it happened. Cheating is seen as wrong and violation of a marriage, but it still happens, often. Why?

The number one reason men cheat has nothing to do with sex, but is predicated on a lack of emotional connection in the marriage. While men try not to come off as emotional, they often are and a feeling of being under-appreciated can manifest itself by seeking the attention of another woman.

This is not say it is the fault of the wife. With responsibilities piling up like kids, chores, bills, expectations, couples naturally drift apart. Men and women deal with that in different ways. Men cheat to find fulfillment.

Men often do not cheat with women who are more attractive either. Most of the time, men cheat with women who look much like their wives because they are finding women who are interested in them, their lives, jobs, etc. and that is the connection that is made.

The trouble with men cheating is that most lie about it. Often times there are large lies and deceit associated with cheating. Only seven percent of men admit to cheating to their wives. This means that not only are spouses cheating, but they are lying about it and that compounds the problem.

Often times when spouses cheat, it is something that just sort of occurs. Many do not plan to sleep with someone else. They develop a strong friendship or bond with someone and it falls into a physical relationship. The picture painted of cheaters is that they are out looking for sex, but usually, someone just finds a friend that they connect with well.

There are some signs that a person is cheating or is about the cheat. The spouse spends more time away from home, there is less sex in the marriage, they avoid eye contact, they do not answer phone calls, and they are more critical of the other person.

These are indicators that there is something wrong in the marriage that could lead the other person to find emotional comfort with someone else.

When a spouse cheats, it is a horrible betrayal. The reason why is often associated with emotional fulfillment and those need to be addressed early before an affair starts.

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