Celebrating an Anniversary on a Budget

Celebrating an Anniversary on a Budget

Anniversaries are ultra special events that merit grand celebrating. However in these unstable economic times, extravagant spending is beyond the means of most people. So how do you honor the day without moving into the poor house? Here in this article you’ll learn how to save money on several important facets of the anniversary celebrations: the dinner, entertainment, and of course presents.

Frugal Feast

Going out to eat may be a real treat but you can achieve much of the same atmosphere in the comfort of your own home. No matter what your favorite meal is, you can make it cheaper at home. Even if you do order it take out from a favorite restaurant, you can save on tip, drinks and desserts by eating it at home.

Don’t forget to dress it up so that it’s still a special affair. Invest in some candles, use your best dishes, and have some soft music playing in the background. If you can, find a free babysitter or simply feed the kids beforehand and put them to bed early. Buy your own bottle of wine or champagne, you can purchase inexpensive desserts at your local supermarket. Best of all, no noisy restaurant.

Easy on the Wallet Entertainment

Do you love dancing? Avoid the crowds by purchasing a dance cd or better yet downloading your best loved dance hits off the internet.

It’s easy to save money by renting a movie (or two) for less than two tickets to the cinema. In fact if you have Red Box in your area you can rent two movies for one night for only two bucks. Save even more money by going to the library and borrowing movies for free.

Golden Thought Gifts

Gift-giving is one of the most difficult places to save money. No one wants their spouse to feel that they are cheap. The secret is to give a gift more from the heart than from the department store. A letter of love (similar to a renewal vow) printed on fancy paper and framed in a nice frame is a wonderfully thoughtful gift that will be treasured forever. Something like a moments from your spouse’s childhood or college days collage will also be appreciated and treasured. The first year I was married we had zero money for gifts. I took a block of wood and chiseled it into the word love, outlined it in sharpie black marker and “painted” it with nail polish. It took a few hours every night for a week but my husband was really touched by the amount of time and effort I had put into it. Think outside the box and I guarantee you can come up with a frugal yet thoughtful anniversary present.

Nothing Beats a Bit of Conversation

Naturally the best anniversary gift would be an exciting vacation getaway. Well for absolutely nothing you can take a trip down memory lane. Talk about silly or embarrassing moments from your childhood. Talk about the worst jobs you’ve ever had or what you though the first time you met, anything. If you think getting started may be hard, write up some conversation cards ahead of time and make a game of it.

Above all remember that your anniversary is about your love and commitment and not about spending money or jeopardizing your future with additional debt.

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