Choosing 50th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

The 50th Wedding Anniversary is recognized as a major milestone in a couples’ life. The event is generally celebrated with a party for family and friends, including 50th wedding anniversary gifts. After all, being with the same person for half of your life is surely worth a party with presents.

A Short History On Wedding Anniversaries

The 50th Wedding Anniversary has a greater history than any other anniversary. They have been celebrated for 500 to 700 years and originated in the Germanic region of Europe. You may think that this sounds a little odd, as people actually died younger in those days and did not live long enough to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary. However, if the childhood diseases were avoided, then the people of that time lived to a healthy age.

Is A Golden Gift Necessary?

If you know a couple who are approaching their 50th wedding anniversary, it is not necessary to purchase them a gift of gold. You could purchase them a gift with a gold theme, or you could choose to give them the flower that represents 50 years of marriage, which is namely the violet. However, violets do require a certain amount of looking after, so it may be better to do this if you know that they have green fingers. You could also purchase the happy couple an attractive hand tied bouquet which is finished with a gold ribbon.

Photographs Speak Volumes

A nice 50th anniversary gift would be to present the couple with a beautiful photograph of themselves of either their wedding day, or of their silver anniversary. There are numerous attractive photograph frames that have been especially designed 50th wedding anniversary gifts and many are finished off with delightful touches of gold. You may even want to purchase a double photograph frame so that you can present the happy couple with ‘then and now’ pictures. This will add a special touch and turn the item into a keepsake.

Champagne Anyone?

As the 50th wedding anniversary is a time for celebration then you may wish to purchase special champagne along with some decorative champagne flutes. There are flutes available in amber tinted glass, or with inscriptions and gold accents. It is even possible to have the champagne personalized or presented in an attractive cask. Of course, you could also purchase more traditional gifts such as mugs and cushions that have golden wedding anniversary decorations.

A Timeless Gift – The Anniversary Plate

If you wish to give a 50th anniversary gift that is highly personal, then there are numerous options available. It is possible to give a personalized 50th wedding anniversary plate, or you could opt for naming a star in the heavens for the romantic couple. You could even have a poem written for the occasion. A family name gift set which is designed to help the happy couple to explore the history behind their family names is another gift idea that can be enjoyed for years to come.

As with all anniversaries, the 50th is a special occasion which should most definitely be celebrated. There are numerous anniversary gifts available that you can choose from. It is always nice to purchase a keepsake on an occasion such as this, however, it is important to bear in mind that many people have the same ideas, so it may be worth discussing what other family members and friends are considering for 50th wedding anniversary gifts so that a duplication is not made.

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