How to Choose a Romantic Gift For Your First Anniversary – Paper

The first anniversary is officially designated the paper anniversary, making this one of the easiest to find a really great romantic gift, whether you are looking for something for a man or a woman.

Top of the list: books. Easy to get and with a whole range of prices, books are a great choice, but remember that to class as a romantic gift the choice should be personal. Gift tokens are not romantic, but hopefully after a year of marriage you’ll know his favorite sport, or movie star. A book with the history of a team, or about the development of a product (say a car or airplane) can also be a good choice. A magazine subscription can also make an interesting gift, perhaps a book about his (or her) favorite hobby with a magazine subscription to top up the gift each month. When looking for a gift for your wife, its diplomatic to avoid cookery books or books about style. She may be interested in the subject, but the essence of romantic gift giving is to give someone something they want, but that they would not buy for themselves. Cookery books do not usually fall into that category.

For a luxury paper anniversary gift, consider a first edition. In the case of a relatively new book, this may one day become a collectors item, but if your loved one has a particular favorite book, a first or rare edition of the book could make an excellent gift which will only increase in value with the years.

Other paper based gifts include photographs. If, like many, you’re newly married and impecunious, this can be a good way to go. Choose a picture (or pictures) which mean something to you both, frame and wrap them nicely. You can buy sets of 10 assorted photo frames for only $20 or so, and they make a great display on the wall. If you don’t like to display them, how about a photo-book? Put together pictures of your first year together with captions (funny or otherwise) and you’ve not only a lovely romantic gift, but a potential family heirloom.

Many women enjoy writing letters and keeping in touch. Since it is so easy to do so electronically these days, it’s likely that written communications will become highly prized. If your beloved enjoys the process of putting real ink to paper, some beautiful notelets, decorated notepaper, or even a whole wardrobe of stationery will make a lovely gift if personalized in some way. It’s easy to find services to print her name or monogram, or if that’s outside your budget, choose a design which features her favorite animal or flower.

Less obvious ‘paper’ anniversary gifts include tickets. From a trip to the local theater to a world cruise, tickets are available at all price points. Here it is important to understand what makes a gift romantic. Tickets for a weekend shopping trip for your wife and her mother may be appreciated, but lack romance. Tickets for a trip to the theater for you both would be a better bet, and depending on where you live, may also be cheaper.

If money is no object, there’s no reason to feel restricted by paper, as most items of any consequence have some form of ‘paper’ associated with them. How about a car? Rather than handing over the key, put the registration document in an envelope, or if you’ve finally bought that cottage in the country, you can do the same thing with the deeds.

However much money you have available to buy your gift, paper is one of the easiest and most versatile anniversaries. Chose well and get your second year of marriage of to a good start, next year it’s cotton, which isn’t nearly so easy!

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