Reinforce Wedding Vows With These Wedding Anniversary Party Ideas

Today we live in a world where many married couples, contrary to what they vowed to each other at the wedding, seem to view divorce as the solution when marriage difficulties start to mount. Obviously marriages are not perfect and require a lot of give and take, a need for understanding and forgiveness. But for those who take seriously their wedding vows to “love, honor, and respect” each other “for better or for worse” “until death do we part” every wedding anniversary becomes a milestone that gives them opportunity to strengthen their relationship and use it to as a basis to renew the meaning of the vows they made to each other. With that in mind here are some wedding anniversary party ideas to help them reinforce the commitment they promised each other in their wedding vows.

One thing you can do to make a wedding anniversary celebration an occasion to strengthen the bonds that bind the couple together is to endeavor to recreate their original wedding day at the anniversary party. By using the original wedding as a romantic reminder, not only will it remind them of their original wedding vows to each other, but it also gives their children and guests a picture of that most important occasion when they vowed to take each other “for better or for worse.”

When planning the party, start by looking for souvenirs or keepsakes, such as wedding pictures and other things used in the wedding. If you are planning for the party for another couple, these should give you an idea on what the original wedding was like and on how to decorate the wedding anniversary venue. Using the motif used for the original wedding and preparing a cake that looks like the cake they had in their wedding is a good start to help recreate the wedding. You can also come up with giveaways that look similar to the couple’s giveaways or tokens at their wedding.

Moreover, why not if possible have a band play the original wedding songs, or just purchase CDs of the songs if a band is not in the budget? With the original wedding songs in the air along with dancing being done to that same music the couple should feel the romance of their wedding day, and what a good way to remind them of the vows they made to each other at the start of their marriage?

To help make the wedding anniversary party reinforce the couple’s wedding vows you may also include some surprises in the celebration. Here are some examples:

With a camcorder, interview the couple’s family and close friends and include the interviews as part of the party program, and in this way let these loved ones give the couple a message of inspiration regarding their life together and their continued commitment. Not only can this encourage them to appreciate what they have together, but help them to build upon and reinforce their bonds of love. In addition the couple’s hearing from those people who are close to their hearts will surely add joy to the celebration.

Taking videos of the couple’s romantic moments is also a great way of showing the couple’s love for each other. Perhaps you can take a video of them taking a walk holding hands, or embracing, or just look at each other and smiling? Obviously you need to start early so that you have some good video in time for the anniversary celebration.

Also, why not create a photo gallery highlighting the couple’s life with each other over time? Look for pictures showing the couple sharing some happy moments together or with family and friends. If possible, dig up some old individual photos of both husband and wife taken before they were married, perhaps during their courtship, or possibly even prior thereto. These pictures should remind everyone of the couple’s good times together and encourage them to continue working hard to maintain their special relationship.

Creating a slide show of the couple’s pictures is also a great idea. To add more fun, put funny captions on the pictures.

These are just a few ideas among many that you can implement to make the anniversary celebration a very special occasion in the couple’s life. Hopefully it will have the intended result, not only creating a fun party for everyone, but also helping the couple to look back into their past together and reminding them of the commitment they made to each other in their wedding vows and of the importance of always striving to make their love for each other grow stronger than ever with each passing year.

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