Your 6th Wedding Anniversary – 12 Ways to Make it Her Best Ever!

Your 6th Wedding Anniversary – 12 Ways to Make it Her Best Ever!

Anniversaries are such special times of the year: a time for reinforcing the ties of love and commitment to one another; to forge stronger bonds that will (hopefully) last a lifetime. The 6th wedding anniversary is no less so.

Love thrives on the little things that are often overlooked once marriage has settled into a regular routine. A lingering good morning kiss gets replaced by a quick peck on the cheek, long drives take a backseat to hurriedly scheduled jaunts to the supermarket or to pick up/ drop the kids…

Be on your guard! Your 6th anniversary is around the corner. Grab the opportunity to dispel any monotony that may have set in. Leave no stone unturned in making this her best wedding anniversary yet!

Let’s start with the basics. The 6th year has the traditional theme of sugar and iron, while wood makes up the contemporary component. The flowers are Calla lilies while the gemstones are garnet and amethyst.

So, what can you do to make your 6th anniversary year super special? Loads of stuff. Read on…

1. Chocolates — but with a difference!

If she has a sweet tooth, she is going to love this anniversary year since it allows you to literally drown her in sweets. Order a specially-designed slab of her favourite dark chocolate and get your own intimate message carved on it. Floor her with delectable designer candy, packaged beautifully in a heart-shaped box.

2. Dessert is on her!

If you want to spice things up in the bedroom, there’s nothing like some lip-smacking chocolate body paint to slather all over your loved one. How you clean the mess afterwards is, of course, entirely up to you!

3. Wrought iron fixtures

Since this is in a way your ‘iron anniversary’, it might be a great idea to splurge on some iron objects. Wrought iron garden furniture, iron candle stands, iron bowls and vases or decorative iron mirrors can rev up even the most ordinary environment. For a really sentimental gift, nothing beats personalised wedding anniversary plates. Have both your names and the wedding year engraved on it.

4. Display your carving skills

No, not turkey, but wood. Take out your carpentry tools and roll up your sleeves. You are going to make a lovely wood carving for her. Don your creative cap and think of some delightfully innovative gifts made of wood — maybe a photo frame, or a simple bowl. It’s the effort that counts!

5. Make her garden grow

If she is into gardening, present her with a beautiful bonsai plant or tree that symbolises a long-lasting marriage.

6. Get original!

Combine two themes in one. Fill an antique wooden box with an assortment of gourmet chocolates. Slip in a love note and place a bunch of graceful Calla lilies on the top.

7. Garnet and amethyst jewellery

Garnet and amethyst rank highly among gemstones for their considerable healing properties and for enhancing mental well-being. So, present the love of your life some stunning garnet and amethyst jewellery — all women love jewellery, especially if their man gives it to them! Why not go for some handcrafted, personalised jewellery — pendants, bracelets, rings or earrings?

8. Classy jewellery boxes and rolls

This is one gift that she probably wouldn’t have anticipated and that’s what makes it so hot! Get her a classy jewellery box in sleek leather or croc finish and slip in a piece of exquisite amethyst or garnet jewellery. All her fine baubles deserve a great resting place, don’t they?

9. Write a poem!

Even if you can’t put rhyme to words, make an attempt — pen a verse just for her. Even better — have your personal poem mounted and framed alongside a montage of her favourite memories.

10. Take pleasure in the simple things of life

All gifts do not have to come across a counter. Some are just there, waiting to be discovered. If you are rushed for time and money (these things do happen), fret not. Have a candlelit dinner at home. Go for a long romantic walk, enjoying the beautiful tapestry of Nature’s colours all around. Give her a long, relaxing massage — no strings attached! Run her bath at night, place lighted candles along the bath tub and float rose petals in the bath water. Offer to rub her back for her. Just make her feel pampered.

11. Surprise her

If your anniversary falls on a week day, and both of you are working professionals, then it is up to you to manage a long lunch break! Surprise her by landing up at her office and whisk her off for an anniversary lunch. But not to a restaurant. If the weather is glorious, have a picnic in a nearby park and just revel in the unexpected outing!

12. Make a movie

Yes, that’s correct. Make your very own movie with either video clips or photographs of the two of you together. Capture different moods, moments, joyous occasions. You could even make one with photographs of all the previous anniversary years, starting from your wedding day.

So that’s it; oodles of romance, some imagination and a little bit of risk. There you have the recipe for a perfect anniversary year celebration. Congratulations!

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