First Date Tips For Women: 4 Questions You Should Never Ask!

There are millions of articles that offer tips on keeping the conversation going on a first date. Many of them will recommend that you ask questions to get him talking about himself (We’re sure you’ve read some of these articles yourself before!)

Now, here’s the thing – if you’re interested in possibly having a second date (or a third or more!) with him, then there are a few questions that you should absolutely stay away from (especially if this is the first time the both of you meet on a date).

To help you stay out of trouble, we’ve gathered together four of the worst questions to ask on a first date:

1. Never Ask About His Ex

While you may be curious about what exactly went wrong (so you can avoid the same mistake), asking about the ex on the first date is definitely a big no-no.

In fact, as tempting as it is, avoid questions about what she was like, why the relationship ended or even asking a question like, “Why’s a nice guy like you still single?”

You may dredge up old feelings in him, and you might come across as looking like the jealous type. Unless he brings it up, avoid the topic altogether.

2. Digging Into His Love Life

While of course, these days it’s important to be honest about our sexual histories, too many prying questions can quickly kill any budding romance. And if he’s the kind of gentleman who doesn’t kiss and tell, it can turn him off of you quickly.

A little bit of light flirting is fine, but unless you plan on sleeping with him tonight, you should save the conversation about “how many partners” and “how old were you” for a few dates into the relationship.

3. Asking How Much He Makes

While there’s certainly nothing wrong about discussing the current world economy or unemployment number across the nation, talking about personal finances should be off the table until the point you make the relationship exclusive.

4. Asking Questions Like “Where Are We Headed?”

The first date is absolutely not the time to bring up questions about how many children he wants or what month he wants to get married. Try asking questions like this, and he may jolly well disappear before dessert, which is something you don’t want to see happen especially if he’s one you fancy and would like have a second (or more) dates with!

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