Picking Up a Female Bartender – A Few Great Tips to Really Consider

The act of successfully picking up a female bartender is certainly one of those accomplishments that most guys only dream of. Besides the fact that only a few have the social skills required to accomplish this feat, it should come as no surprise for the mere fact that there are obviously not enough bartenders to go around.

In a typical setting on a given night, there is a gorgeous girl pouring drinks behind the counter that has to deal with countless guys – drunk and sober alike – competing for her attention in the hopes of getting her number and possibly taking her home for the night. Here are a few tips to keep in mind that will help to separate you from the crowd.

Remember – she is still working: Essentially, you want to avoid putting yourself in a position that competes with the demands of her working environment. She’s got a job to do so show some respect to that; don’t try and compete against it. When the opportunity for some interaction presents itself, try concluding it with something like “Hey! You know what? I’m really enjoying speaking to you but you should get back to work now. I’m definitely going to come and chat with you later.” Aim to have a few short really positive interactions rather than speaking to her for twenty minutes all in one go.

Get to know her on a personal level: When a girl is working and she’s been placed there, she knows that she’s got the job highly in part because of her looks. However, drawing unnecessary attention to that is probably not a good thing. Try focusing compliments on her skills; she’ll appreciate you taking notice of how good she is at her job. If you get to talk to her on a more personal level, it will go down so much better than if you just make some sort of rude comment about how good she looks or her sexy outfit. Besides, it’s a good way to distinguish yourself from all the guys complimenting her looks.

Be comfortable and confident around her: First of all, adopt a very comfortable and relaxed body language. Try to be more laid back and not too eager. Show that you are comfortable and at ease around women that are very sexual and very attractive. Also, don’t over praise the lady you’re trying to impress when you’re speaking to her. For instance, don’t compliment her straight away with the usual “oh you’re so wonderful, you’re so beautiful.” She hasn’t really done anything to qualify herself to you; she hasn’t shown what an interesting person she is yet so don’t be so quick to carelessly throw out compliments like most guys would when “graced” by the presence of a beautiful woman. Personality based compliments will go much farther in this scenario than appearance based ones.

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