The 5 “Wow” Factors of Destination Weddings

Destination weddings create a dynamic and energetic environment where people show their best and funniest side. Below are the 5 WOW factors for a destination wedding:

FUN. Everyone’s mentally prepared to explore and seek adventure together. Guests will spend time together experiencing new music, exotic foods, new traditions, fun outdoor activities and breathtaking locations that only a foreign city or country can offer.

EXCLUSIVE. As a bride, you have a lot of room for creativity to offer unique tourist activities and local traditions that will be a WOW factor for your guests. The authenticity of a foreign place can’t be replicated back home. Imagine yourself getting married in a historic location that overlooks the ocean and then taking your guests for a city tour in a yacht or in a carriage drawn by horses during the magnificent sunset that is typical of coastal cities. Finally, you finish the day dancing with your guests to the beat of drums or the melody of saxophones and guitars in a magical colonial plaza or beach! Your home city might be nice but there’s nothing more enchanting than getting married in an exotic city that’s like a hidden jewel.

SAVINGS. Because of the nice size of a destination wedding, you’ll end up paying for fewer people than you would have to back home. For instance, in a local celebration, you might feel obligated to invite coworkers or recent friends that have just walked into your life. That’s why you hear of 150- to 200-person weddings costing many thousands of dollars for just one day. It’s not only expensive but it also increases the bride and groom’s stress levels during the planning process and on the big day. The smaller the wedding, the nicer the details will be and the more comfortable you’ll be in your own skin.

CULTURAL VALUE. Other countries offer activities and wedding details that are unique and will make your event memorable. The cultural details include historic sites, fire dancers, fireworks, drum dancers, exotic flowers and food. Brides have access to all these things usually for the fraction of the price that it would cost back home. Of course, the more memorable activities are rarely found in a couple’s home location.

FLEXIBLE. Couples that have families in different cities and countries or people whose country of origin and traditions are different from their place of residency will love the flexibility. For instance, if the bride is from NYC and the groom is from Chicago, but the couple now lives in Arizona, where should they get married? Why make both families travel to Arizona?

Instead of dealing with the hassle of choosing one of their hometowns, this couple might just prefer meeting all their family and friends in an exotic destination where they can combine their traditions with local traditions in a fun and inexpensive celebration. Wedding planning shouldn’t feel overwhelming but rather as fun as planning a great getaway with the people you love.

Written by Carolina Cruz

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