Who Are Your Five Closest Friends?

Have you ever stopped to think about who your friends are? Do they contribute to your life in a positive way? Are they friendships that developed over time or did they just happen?

Now, think about your five closest friends, the ones you spend the most time with. Would you consider yourself the smartest of the group or are you somewhere in the middle? These six people, you and your five best friends, are your brain trust. This group is what influences you, forms your attitude and habits, and controls your outlook on life.

Are you happy with your life, habits, and attitude? Or do you need to change a few things, maybe a complete overhaul? If you are the most intelligent of the six, you most certainly need to change your circle of influence. A good brain trust would place you somewhere in the middle of the group so that you can give as much as you receive.

Friends from different backgrounds and work environments will expand your horizon and challenge you to accept and try new things. Only an advancing person can change for the positive. If you are stagnant in your thinking it is very difficult for you to attain your goals.

Think of your friends as either hot air balloons that lift you up to greater heights or as a ships anchor that weights you down and brings you to a dead stop. Do this simple evaluation and you will quickly see which friends you need to spend time with.

Friendship can take many different forms so you may not have to end a friendship but you may have to change the basis of it. Likewise, to develop new friendships with the right kind of people, you may have to join a club or take up a sport. Moving to a new city or job will present many opportunities to meet new people. As friendships develop, you need to evaluate them and see if you are receiving the things you need from them. Are you in the middle of your group of six?

Does your brain trust sit around and talk about other friends and gossip? Does it take current events, put their spin on it, and now its gospel? A brain trust without varying backgrounds can harbor limited views on many topics. Our society has many names for people like this and I can assure you none are flattering.

Don’t rush to delete your contact list but certainly take a long hard look at the names in it. Don’t stop giving to your friends but do make sure that the relationships are balanced for both people.

You should also evaluate your children’s friendships and see if they are in healthy, give- and – take relationships. Or are they dominated by one strong personality. Do your children have numerous friends or just a few? Who influences them in their peer groups now will affect the rest of their lives. Remember, decisions made in a split second can change the direction of a person’s life forever.

Brian Simms

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