How to Attract the Love Relationship You Always Wanted

How to Attract the Love Relationship You Always Wanted

If you already believe in the Law of Attraction, it means you believe you can attract anything you want. What people often forget is they can also attract the love partner they always dreamed of. I did it myself and was amazed how quick it happened.

BE the person you truly are, be authentic, and you will attract someone like you and like you want. If you are not true to yourself, you will attract someone not being true himself/herself.

The law of attraction works with frequency like a radio picking up different stations. And the universe sends you exactly what is matching your frequency. What you think always produce a feeling of what you want or not which sends a message to universe and where the universe sends you back the exact match.

Do you know exactly the type of partner you would like to have into your life? More you know in details what you want, more specific you’ll receive.

Here is a great thing to do that works so much:

– Buy the most beautiful book to write in it which resonates with you.

-Take a quiet moment, in a peaceful area and start writing in your book the ideal love partner you want to have in your life. Put details, the height, the hair color, eyes, age, work, where the person live, income, activities, the food he/she likes, the way he/she thinks, the way he/she is in love, before which date you will meet that person,…

Write everything you want and believe you deserve to attract this person NOW!

During the process, feel it in every cells of your body. Feel it as it was already done and this person already into your life. Once finish, close the book, and put it somewhere. Do not go look at it every day. Believe it will happen, trust yourself and universe.

In summer 2009, I did that process, went really deep into myself and wrote about 40 details things on my list that was mandatory for my love partner to have. Three weeks after I wrote it, I met my soul mate! One month after our relationship started, I opened my book where I had written everything and was so amazed how my love partner was exactly everything I wrote with all the details!

Also, to make this happen, you must love yourself first, believe you are a miracle of life and you deserve everything you want.

And your soul mate won’t knock at your door house. So go out and meet new people. Do some actions, this way you will attract him/her faster.

And at last: Enjoy your Life! Do not stress for everything and when it will happened. If you believe, it will happen. Have fun, go out, read, do what you are most passionate about. Because when you are in those vibrations, it’s a lot easier to attract what you want.

Enjoy Life!

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