Bad Habits Which Can Ruin Your Marriage

Bad Habits Which Can Ruin Your Marriage

If you are a happily married man, please accept my congratulations. You are in a minority group. Therefore, you should do all that is necessary to ensure that you continue to enjoy a happy marriage.

A lot of people complain about the marriage institution and deplore the high levels of divorce in the world today. What these people fail to realize is that a divorce does not just happen. In a lot of instances, divorce can be traced to the actions and “inactions” of the couple in a marital union.

Since it is always better to prevent than to cure, below is a list of seemingly harmless bad habits that can ruin your marriage. Recognize them and prevent them from ruining your marriage.

Poor Hygiene:

Let’s not be squeamish here. If your armpit has a terrible stench and your mouth smells like a livestock farm, you cannot expect your spouse to find you attractive and sexy. Take care of your personal hygiene before it leads to even bigger problems.


If you are married, your days of blowing your money like a drunken sailor are over. Learn to spend wisely in the interest of your marriage. Nobody wants to live with an extravagant and wasteful spouse.


A woman who nags can drive her husband to an early grave. Or, she can drive him straight into the arms of an attractive lady who does not nag! By the same token, a husband who always criticizes his wife is bad news. Learn to shut your mouth and your marriage will have more peace. The Muslims have a saying; “Say only good things or shut your mouth”. This saying makes a lot of sense to me.


You simply cannot have successful marriage without trust. If you keep on treating your spouse with suspicion, he/she may decide to do something in order to earn your lack of trust. Be warned! Suspicion can ruin your marriage.


A marriage is a union. The two partners are no longer two separate entities. Nope! Each one is part of a whole. Therefore, you can no longer think of yourself alone. You have to consider the other partner too. Learn to be unselfish and caring and your marriage will be the better for it.


If you are always complaining and grumbling, you are not doing your marriage any good. Learn to treat your spouse with affection and be considerate. Marriage is not a breeze so learn to take the good as well as the not so good aspects of marriage.


This is one habit that marks the beginning of the end of most marriages. When the partners become apathetic to each other’s feelings, it is bad sign. On the other hand, show empathy and your marriage will be alive and well.

These are some of the bad habits that can ruin your marriage. Avoid them and you will have a strong and happy marriage.

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