Bisexuality in Women

Bisexuality is a human condition like any other. Children born with certain inclinations are not questioned if they fit into normal social acceptance. Is it not amazing that although bisexuality, that is a propensity of an individual for sexual relationships with both men and women, has been known since prehistoric times, an unnecessary social stigma is attached to it?

This ‘stigma’ forces persons with bisexual tendencies to group themselves into little communities, although in all areas, they are just the same as the other people around them, except in their sexual preferences. Their growing up, their education and cultural indoctrination is just the same as those around them. Yet there is this inborn lust for both sexes, which some chose to titillate over and others to examine rationally. After all, it is all to do with your genetic makeup.

Freud, long held as an authority in human psychology, held that bisexuality is a normal part of development. The inference then is that if a person sticks to only one sex, the opposite sex as the majority do, it is on account of the pressure of socially accepted norms. Perhaps there is many a wife or a husband quietly fantasizing about intercourse with the same sex – with sealed lips!!

This theory was borne out in 1995 by Professor Marjorie Garber: that most people move away from their bisexual tendencies on account of social repression. Extended research over long periods has thrown up information on the mental makeup of bisexual women who, it is held, are hyper sensitive to high pitched sound; that they have higher rates of erotic fantasy than other women; and a higher sex drive for both men and women. On the other hand, bisexual men do exhibit a similar higher than average sexual drive, but for one sex, whichever they may chose, following which the drive for the other sex weans down.

Bisexuality has been known and recorded since ancient times. In Ancient Greece, relationships between experienced Spartan soldiers and novices were encouraged to foster loyalty. And everywhere, there have been such relationships have been noted and recorded, in the instances of men living alone, women thrown together or even in mixed communities, but sharing an affinity for one another. With researchers claiming that people do exhibit such tendencies at some time or the other in life, one wonders why bisexuality still remains a question mark in the public mind.

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