Consider a Wedding at a Golf Resort

A golf resort is not the first thing that comes to mind when planning a wedding. Getting married is a big decision. Once the date is set, plans are set in motion. There is a lot of work to do to find the right venue, a caterer, a band, flowers, and a dress. After the date, however, the venue for your wedding should be chosen next.

Destination wedding have become popular in recent years. There is certainly something romantic about exchanging vows on your favorite mountaintop, beach, or cable car. The entire theme for the day can be built around the flavor of the location you choose. Many couples have a country that is significant to them because of their ethnic heritage or a trip they’ve taken. Sharing that with family and friends on their special day is a wonderful gesture.

For those who don’t wish to travel for their big day, there are other suitable locations. A couple that enjoys outdoor adventures doesn’t have to go to a mountaintop to get married. They can choose a local park, field, or other green space right in their own community. With the right set up, an outdoor space can evoke the romance of mountain climbing in the Alps.

To keep the festivities a little closer to sea level, you might want to try a venue with a waterfront view. A beach wedding has an outdoor flair with a casual feel that might be just your style. Other water-related settings include a marina or town dock. Some towns have a municipal space with a pavilion overlooking the water. You may be able to find a restaurant in a setting with a water view.

If water isn’t your passion, maybe golf is. Planning your wedding at a golf resort could be spectacular. A golf resort will offer lovely green space, a catering kitchen, and overnight accommodations. If golfing is an activity you enjoy, having your wedding at a golf resort could mean working in at least 18 holes with some of your guests.

Of course, if tennis is more your things, head to the tennis club. There’s nothing more romantic than exchanging vows in the club overlooking the court where you took your last victory. Most tennis clubs can offer either indoor or outdoor spaces for your wedding. They may even be willing to clear out the bubble and take the nets down to offer you an inclement weather option. Those tennis bubbles can hold a lot of wedding guests – and shrimp cocktail, too!

No matter where you plan your wedding, the venue is one of the most important choices. The venue you choose sets the tone for the entire celebration. It needs to be big enough to accommodate all your guests and make it easy for you to entertain them. Accessibility is another consideration if your friends and family live far apart. Wherever you plan to have your wedding, it will be a wonderful day to remember forever.

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